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denise wilson
Posted by denise wilson on 03/01/2014 5:38am
I'm looking for officer Stock
I m looking for this officer who's suppose to be in afghanistan. If someone knows of him please let me know. Thank you. Suppose to have first name...
Louis Salaun
Posted by Louis Salaun on 02/07/2014 12:08am
Det. 2 39th Air Division, Korea 1962-1963
Anyone ever serve with Det 2 39th A.D. in So. Korea during the years 1962-1963?
william boardman
Posted by william boardman on 02/06/2014 2:22pm
marine detatchment USS Midway 1980
Looking to speak with any aboard during collision alarm impact, late spring. I offloaded damaged aircraft at Subic Bay. As Beach Det, to repair, reload. Tough duty,someone...
Monica Hughes
Posted by Monica Hughes on 02/05/2014 8:10pm
Marine Eugene Rainwater 1969, Yuma, AZ
My father, Eugene Rainwater, was in the marines stationed in Yuma, Az in 1969. I was born in January of that year. My mother, Nancy Rainwater (Moore), died...
Daniel Graver
Posted by Daniel Graver on 02/05/2014 12:19am
glider infantry 82 airborne world war 2
I need to get any information on the 325 gli solider Kia 3 October 1944: Regis C sieffert from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Dylan Parnell
Posted by Dylan Parnell on 02/03/2014 12:47am
John Julian Adams
Hello, my grandfather was John Julian Adam, 1934-2008, we believe 1934 is his wrong birth year because he wasn't sure of his birth year.i know he served in...
Dennis Burke
Posted by Dennis Burke on 02/01/2014 5:54pm
Looking for Captain H.K. Johnson fighter pilot.
We were in the hospital together in late 60's in Japan Tachikawa.
Dennis Burke
Posted by Dennis Burke on 02/01/2014 5:29pm
looking for Mickey Dulin or Jay Whitman
we were stationed in Yokota Japan together. This is Dennis,still alive.
Sandra Maihöfer
Posted by Sandra Maihöfer on 01/28/2014 1:42pm
Looking for Kenny
Hello, can someone help me? I am in search of Kenny ball He is in the U.S. Army and had him met on Facebook. Does anyone know of...
martha lucero(schreur)
Posted by martha lucero(schreur) on 01/27/2014 5:56pm
Looking for friends
Looking for Staff Sargent Linda Grahm last staioned Warren Robins from 1992-? prior Spangdahlem AFB Germany worked Admin from Ohio would be retired if not early released, also...