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karen hurd
Posted by karen hurd on 07/04/2015 7:31pm
My name is Karen Hurd. I joined an online dating site called I received a mess from a very nice looking man who's profile was very nice. PLEASE READ: "Hello pretty....Your smile is amazing and you are a epitome of beauty,i saw your profile and i cant stop staring at it..i am new to the online scene and am giving a trial if i might be lucky to find someone special to spend the rest of my life with forever...I will love to learn more about you and chat too you can email me on or add me on facebook has jack P bowen" I have attached the photo he put up. I need to provide someone with all the information (emails) that he sent to me. This is so sad. No one appreciates our troops; their courage, dedication and patriotism more than I do. I cannot tell you the things that I wish to do to these people if you put me in a room with them for 10 mins. How dare they put our troops side by side with a scam of any kind. I am deeply upset. Please provide me with an email address where I can send the emails that contain a ton of information with regards to this stressful crisis. Sincerely, Karen Hurd 631-626-0933
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