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I am working on some military research. I am putting together a display that would be educational regarding the US military presence in NF. I am interested in patches or unit information that could be scanned. The patches will be part of the display. If you could be of any help with that I would be very grateful.
I have a book that lists all the locations of US military in Newfoundland & Labrador:

"A Friendly Invasion" by John N. Cardoulis, Page 203
under the heading:

Appendix C
US Military Locations in Newfoundland and Labrador 1940-1992

US Air Force and Army Bases: Pepperell AFB, St. John's, McAndrew AFB, Placentia, Gander Air Base, Torbay Airport Air Base, St. John's, Ernest Harmon AFB, Stephenville, Goose Bay Air Base, Labrador, Argentia Naval Air Station

US Naval Station: Argentia Naval Facility
US Army Coast Artillery Sites: White Hills, Pepperell, St. John's, George's Pond, Signal Hill, St. John's, Red Cliff, St. John's, Placentia, St. George's, Stephenville, Port-au-Port, Flatrock, Cape Spear, Robin Hood Bay, Fox Island, Dunville, Ship Harbour, Placentia Bay, Point Lance, Placentia Bay.

US Army Infantry Sites: (Look out-Towers) Logy Bay, Middle Cove, Torbay, Outer Cove, Flatrock, Robin Hood Bay, Pouch Cove, Placentia, Stephenville, Arnold's Cove, Port-au-Port, Cape St. Francis, Fox Island, Dunville, Point Lance, Placentia Bay, Point Verde, Placentia Bay, Latine Point, Placentia Bay, Black's Point, Placentia Bay.

US Army Camp Sites: Colinet, Camp 4, Salmonier Line, Camp Alexander, St. John's, Camp Morris, Stephenville, Camp 33, St. George's, Placentia Junction, Jubilee Lake, Deadman's Pond, Gander, Camp 3, Eagle River, Black Duck, St. George's, Northeast Arm, Dunville.

US Transmitter Sites: Snelgrove, St. John's, Table Mountain, St. Andrews, Wesleyville, Nagles Hill, St. John's.

US Direction Finding Stations: Wesleyville, Gander, Harmon, Goose Bay, Argentia, Red Cliff.

NASA and NRCC Observatory Stations and NASA Satellite Tracking Station: Shoe Cove, Pouch Cove

US Army Rador Sites: Sandy Cove, Fogo Island, Cape Bonavista, Torbay, St. Bride's, Allan Island.

US Weather Stations: Cape Harrison, Labrador, Red Bay, Labrador.

Master Control AC&W Stations USAF and Navy: Argentia Naval Station, Ernest Harmon AFB, Stephenville, Goose Bay, Labrador, Thule Air Force Base, Greenland.

Other US Military Locations with Headquarters at Pepperell Air Force Base 1941 to 1961: Indian House Lake, Quebec: (weather station), Fort Chimo, Quebec, (weather station), Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island: (AC&W Station), Ungava, Ungava Bay: (weather station), Mingan, Quebec: (weather station), Resolution Island, Resolute Bay, (AC&W Station), Thule Air Force Base, Greenland, Sonderstrom Air Base, Greenland, Narsarssuak Air Base, Greenland, Padloping Island NWT: (weather station), T-3 Floating Ice Station, Thule, Greenland: (Experimental Arctic Laboratory)

US Army Signal Corps Repeater Stations: Fort Pepperell, Whitbourne, Shoal Harbour, Gander, Grand Falls, Millertown Junction, Howley, Corner Brook, Stephenville, Table Mountain, St. Andrews.

USAF and COTC Cable Buildings: Hampden, Deer Lake

US Coast Guard Stations: Mouse Island, Port-aux-Basques, Battle Harbour, Labrador, Bonavista, Bonavista Bay, Twillingate, Notre Dame Bay.

US Air Force AC & W Stations and Radar Gap Filler Stations: Red Cliff, St. John's, McAndrew AFB, Placentia, Elliston Ridge, Bonavista Bay, LaScie, White Bay, Gander, Stephenville, St. Anthony, Jerry's Nose, Port-au-Port, Goose Bay, Labrador, Cartwright, Labrador, Hopedale, Labrador, Sagalek, Labrador, Cape Makkovik, Labrador, Cut Throat Island, Labrador, Spotted Island, Labrador, Fox Harbour, Labrador.

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P.S. Could you forward this to anyone that might be able to help?

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