Menko Christoph (Civilian)

Gender: Male
Hometown: Tuebingen (Germany), California
Military Status: Veteran
About Me:
Still married to Amina, better known as "Sue". She is the same person I married at Bitburg, Germany, on April 24, 1968. We now reside in St. Peters, MO, (25 miles West of St. Louis), and we always look forward hearing from our old friends and aquaintances. Feel free to call us at 636-447-8539.

I am fully retired since February 2001.

Menko's Assignment History

RAF Akrotiri
Unit: 9th SRW Det 4 OL-OH / U-2 Support/Asst. 1st Sgt
1983 1983
Hellenikon AB Athens
Unit: TDY OL-OH - U2 Support in Cyprus
1983 1983
Beale AFB
Unit: 9th AMS (SAC)
1975 1983
Kadena AB
Unit: TDY with 9th SRW - Supporting SR-71 ANS
1977 1982
Zaragoza AB
Unit: TDY 9th SRW KC-135Q & SR-71 Support
1979 1979
RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom
Unit: TDY with 9th SRW (SR-71) setting up Det. 4 - ANS S
1976 1979
Ramore, Ontario
Unit: Toronto International Air Show with SR-71
1977 1977
Osan Air Base
Unit: TDY 9th SRW Det. 2 - Black Cat - U-2 INS Support
1977 1977
RAF Station Woodbridge
Unit: TDY from 57 FIS Keflavik, Iceland - INS Support
1975 1975
Keflavik NAS (ex: Keflavik AB)
Unit: 57 FIS (ADC)
1974 1975
Keesler AFB
Unit: Doppler RADAR - Inertial Navigation Tech School
1974 1974
Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
Unit: 58th AMS (TAC)
1972 1974
Noervenich AB
Unit: TDY April 1972 - Recovered F-4D
1972 1972
Zaragoza AB
Unit: 36th WTD - TDY from Bitburg, Germany
1969 1972
Bitburg AB
Unit: 36th AMS
1967 1972
Aviano AB
Unit: TDY with 36th TFW from Bitburg
1969 1971
Wheelus AB
Unit: TDY - 36th WTD (Bitburg AB, Germany)
1968 1970
Bodo AB
Unit: TDY with 53rd TFS from Bitburg, Germany Tiger Meet
1969 1969
Bad Soellingen, CAFB
Unit: Aug 69 - Recovered 36th TFW F-4D Phantom II
1969 1969
Torrejon AB
Unit: TDY with 525 FIS from Bitburg - F4E AFCS Support
1968 1968
Takhli RTAFB
Unit: 355th A&E Maintenance Squadron
1966 1967
Seymour Johnson AFB
Unit: 4th A&E Maintenance Squadron
1964 1966
Unit: TDY with 335th TFS (4th TFW) Cargo Courier
1965 1965
Takhli RTAFB
Unit: TDY with 4th TFW - 335th TFS - SJAFB, NC
1965 1965
Da Nang AB
Unit: TDY - Auto Pilot en route support - 4 TFW
1965 1965
Yokota AB
Unit: TDY with 335th TFS (4th TFW) from SJAFB, NC.
1965 1965
Amarillo AFB
Unit: Auto Pilot Technical School
1963 1964
Lackland AFB
Unit: 3095th Student Squadron
1963 1963

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Tamie Towers
Tamie Towers said on 02/19/2012 at 12:50 am
I'll Go (A Soldiers Oath) - I would like to share with you, a music video dedicated to all soldiers called - I'll Go (A Soldiers Oath) - by Kelly's Lot - It is a tribute to all veterans, and is well worth watching - Here's the link: (this is not a download, simply a link to a YouTube video) - - Or you can copy & paste (or type) the following link into your address bar: - To each and every veteran - Thank You - I salute you - Tamie L. Towers - Patriot - - P.S. My dear friend Kelly Zirbes of Kelly's Lot wrote and performed this song and has given permission for the video to be shared and/or embedded anywhere.

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