Steven Pryor (Civilian)

Gender: Male
Hometown: Ohio
Military Status: Veteran
About Me:
married, wife's name is Helen (Elena)
Hobbies: landscaping my yard, raising roses, Feeding my 42 ducks and greese every morning, ballroom dancing, and would love to learn to fly an airplane.

I retired in 1978 after 21 1/2 years of service. I was hired by Jeffrey Mining and Manufacturing, Columbus, Oh for three(3) years as a expediter in the mill and drill section shop 17/19 for 18 months, and then promoted to expedite buyer for 12 month. I lasted through 3 layoff before I was layed off. The same day as my layoff I received in the mail the Shifting Colors, and on page 2, there was a artile asking for people who was stilling working in the same job field and has gone to some college could apply for 2 years duty on a volentee basis. I had to loose 33 lbs and I did that in 45 days. I took my phyiscal and qualified for duty. I submitted my paperwork, by going to Washington, D.C. I was pleased to get back in and was asigned to the USS Independence CV62 for the next 37 months. I was reenlisted back into the U.S. Navy after 1 year back into the Navy. I had an excellent tour of duty on the carriers, and was then assigned to NAVCRUITAREAFOUR, in Columbus, Oh. until I retired. I was premoted to E-9 while I was there.
Since I retired, I have worked for Color Tile, 5 month, Kal Kan Foods for 7 months, as an expediter, I then was hired by DSCC in Columbus, Oh. in June 1991 where I am now employed as a customer service rep. I receive calls from the armed forces all over the world and have their parts shipped to them with in 24 to 48 hours.
I gotten married since I retired, to a lady from Greece, she has a daughter who is highly educated, and convined me to go to college. I now hold a AA degree in Small Management Technology, and have 1 class to now to earn my BA in Management. I should graduate in November 2000.
My wife and I do ballroom dancing, and raise 57 roses, we have landscaped our on property. We had our house build just before we got married.

Steven's Assignment History

Columbus Recruiting BN
Unit: the old navy guy
1991 2000

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