Pauline APPLETON -[nee) DAWNNNNNN (Civilian)

Gender: Female
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
I have been a widow for nearly 15 years. I have 2 children, David,27 who is a Submariner in the Royal Navy - and Claire Louise, 25 - who is an Office Manager, (and, incidentally, my boss, in the office where I work. Neither of them are married, or seriously courting, so I am still waiting to become a 'Granny'! My hobbies are crafts of all sorts - reading - sewing - archaeology - D.I.Y.- Gardening, and I have been a Brownie Guide Guider for 14 years. I am desperately trying to find my Natural Mother. She was born LILLIAN MAUD DAWN in LIVERPOOL - ENGLAND on 17th? APRIL 1927?- The only information I have to go on, is that she married an American Airman sometime in the 1950's. I was told that his name was Robin or Robert Mc Dairmont - 'though the spelling may not be right. They had three children - GAIL - DAWN and ROBERT-JOHN. LILY's husband was stationed in ITALY at some time - maybe late '50's early 60's. The last address I have for them is - 211 MAPLE AVENUE, TAMPA, FLORIDA, U.S.A. But my letter came back stamped - UNKNOWN. I would dearly love to see Lily again, I was only 8 the last time we met - I thought she looked like Princess Grace, and I still remember how lovely she smelled. I was adopted and brought up by my maternal grandfather. I don't think Lily realised just how much he loved her, 'cos they had an awful row the last time they met. If anyone can help me find my mum, or my sisters and brother, (who'd be in their 40's now, I think) I'd be so very grateful. Thank you . Pauline Appleton - nee-DAWN

I have just changed my career. I have been a seamstress all of my life, but I recently went back to college and obtained Destinctions in Business Administration, Word Processing and Audio transcription. I now work in an office.

Pauline's Assignment History

Aviano AB 1958 1962

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