Ronald Regan (Civilian)

Gender: Female
Hometown: New York City, New York
Military Status: Veteran
About Me:
Also am a "Free-Lance" writer. Been making some money writing for a 55+ senior's magazine here in central Florida. 500 word article(+ photos) =
$50.00 a pop! Write at least ten or more articles per year. Not great money, but enough to have a Wendy's Frosty every once in awhile.
But even with all my activities, including Bass fishing, I was restless.
Then after my fifth heart attack I began to assess my various military entitlements, insurance, and survivor benefits packages, etc.. Did much research and discovered I wasn't the only veteran who didn't know what he (or survivors) was entitled to by law. So I had a brainy idea. I typed up a four page presentation. I titled my idea as the "Veteran's Cafe" radio program. A call-in talk show for veterans, retirees, their wives and widows. A military veteran's information program. I went to one of Leesburg's leading radio stations. The station manager read two pages and said, "Go for it!" And I did.
I had a sponsor and inaugural "Veteran's Cafe" program on July 29, 1999 (my 65th birthday !) What a day that was in my life!
The "Veteran's Cafe" program is devoted to informing, educating, and entertaining the some 500,000 veteran listeners under the broadcast umbrella of WLBE, Leesburg, Florida. It is a news, views and interview call-in radio format. I have interviewed Florida Congressman/women, many VA supervisors, VA Clinic/Hospital public relations and administrators. Now have over 35 weeks experience. Been successful... but again, no real money.
Governor Jeb Bush is confirmed for April 20th.. and Miss America (Heather Renee French, Ky.) is trying to arrange a date in near future. Miss French is the daughter of a disabled Vietnam veteran. She accompanied her dad to many VA clinics and hospitals. She has seen the hungry and homeless veterans. The men who could not cope with 1970's reality after being discharged. Miss French is determined to get all these unfortunate veterans off the streets of America !
Miss French recently spoke before the Armed Services Committee of Congress. She spoke eleqently, forcefully, and truthfully about her concerns for homeless veterans. She was granted some $750,000 to start her campaign for humanity. Hopefully, Miss America will find the time to beinterviewed on my "Veteran's Cafe" radio program. We all want to hear her story ASAP.
Other than that, I gear myself up for my weekly radio program by browsing the net and getting infor from all sources. I have become a guru for House and Senate Legislation for "FREE" health care for retired veterans. Congress titled their legislation "Keep Our Promises to American Military Retiree Act.." The US goverment recruited millions of men and women (GI's) with the promise of free health care since 1941. It never came to pass. Now all veteran's are urging Congress of both houses to pass a decent health care package and scrap the ancient art of B.S. and 'Band-Aid' Legislation of the past.
My radio [rogram is a prime example what an average American can do with an idea... and "Go for it!"
Only in Amaerica. What a great country !

Ronald V. Regan, Sr. (aka "The Old Sarge")
Host of WLBE "Veteran's Cafe"
Thursday morning 1130 - 1200 hrs
Call toll free: 1-800-432-9532
I look forward to your inputs...

I am a 20+ year Military veteran. Spent 12.5 active duty years in USAF. Served with the 330th FIS and 331st FIS (1954-58) at Stewart AFB, Newburg, New York. Later 1958-62 with the 16th and 25th FIS on Okinawa (51st FW). Then four years (1962 - 66) as an electronics, computer, radar instructor at Lowry AFB. Let 10 years go by and then joined Army Reserves in Utica, New York... and (1975 - 82) later spent 8 years with the Ohio National Guard (infamous 107th Armored Cavalry of KEbt State fame)in Canton,Ohio. Retired in 1982.
Decided to retire in Florida (Every day is a beautiful day in Paradise). Moved to Orlando area (Mickey Country) and later to Leesburg, Florida. Retired from military air weaponry manufacturing due to many heart attacks. Now (as of today) I have had six Myocardial Infarction (M.I.'s) and am as healthy as a horse. Impotent, but healthy !!
Have been doing volunteer work for 'Angel Flight, Southeast, Inc.' the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Worked as squadron and state Public Affairs Officer. Attained rank of Lt. Colonel and was asked to serve as the Assistant Inspector General for the CAP Southeast Region (Fl, Ga, Ala, Miss, Pr, and Tenn.) Great assignment. Put many CAP thieves and miscreants in jail for all sorts of stupid and idiotic crimes against society and brother CAP members.
Now belong to the Korean War Veteran's Association and perform duties as Service Officer for KWVA #169, Leesburg, Florida.

Ronald's Assignment History

Lowry AFB
Unit: Electronic Fundamentals
1962 1966
Kadena AB
Unit: 16th/25th FIS, Naha AFB, Okin
1958 1966
Stewart IAP AGS
Unit: 330th FIS, Stewart AFB
1954 1958

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