Stanley Good (Civilian)

Gender: Male
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
We've had 2 sons, Christophe & Maxwell...Chris got Full Scholarship to Mercer (Int'l Biz Degree AND French, Double Major..saved Daddy a BUNDLE, too!)
& is now workin' in Banking, in Atlanta. Max just left the Nest 4 Months ago (March, '03) didn't adjust to College Life, is about to go to Orlando in search of a Radio DJ's Job with his Roomie.

I tired of Collectin' Clocks about 15 yrs back (Tho clock Sales & Repairs remain my Main Occupation) & sold most of it all off, began collectin' early electric FANS (Which, were Clockworks-Powered back in the 1860's, BTW!) have 3rd largest collection in the World; finishin' up our Former House as a Fan Museum this year. I also got into Songwriting back in the 1980's..(Which got me Chapter 7, in Janet Fisher's new book, "MUSIC HORROR STORIES", Goodnightkiss Press)..& became good friends with Mel Blanc, made him a Clock I'd Invented, which his son, Noel, still has. Took a Decade OFF Songwritin' after Bombin' an Audition at A&M, was supposed to write a book on Fans for a Major Publisher, but prcrastinated by gettin' into Songwriting again, in 1999. Have now penned over 1000 Lyrics since, and Produced 4 CDs, as I get back into yet Another Hobby that's taking over my Life. Went to L.A. in March ('03) to get a Lyrics Award, met the Cream of the Indie Artist Crop out there (Met, got a Big Hug from Susan Gibson {"Wide Open Spaces"} whom I've known several years over the Internet now. Hopin' to Co-Write with her soon..)...Another "Odd Song" I penned got 5th in the Great American Song Contest recently, so I'm continuing to Pile Up Credits in this relatively Tough-to-Enter career field. My CDs are Airing (Mostly in Europe) and it's a real thrill for a 57-yr-old to be out there competin' with the Kids for Airtime, while slowly learnin' How To Sing in front of An Audience!

I'm about 3 yrs from Retirement. Been in the Clock Biz ever since hitchhiking to the Pentagon to get my Orders Changed (After the year in 'Nam) to get sent to Europe. (Ended up at USAREUR HQ as an Illustrator, met/Married Dominique, my Swiss-French wife of 33 Years there) Started paintin' Clock Dials for Local Antiques shops, who paid me in Dead Clocks. Got Euro Out, moved to Belgium (With 80 Clocks & a junky VW Bug) & worked 3 years as a Civilian Illustrator at SHAPE HQ's ADP Division. Learned Glider Piloting there, hit the Flea Markets in Brussels every weekend, brushin' up on my French. Left at Contract's End with 150 Clocks, lots of great Furniture..14,000 lbs of Antiques in all...and settled in Tampa, FL. Slowly built up the town's biggest Clock Shop, on a Busy Corner near Downtown, over the last 25 years. (We got a 19 foot Street Clock in front, so we're easy-to-find!) City;s puttin' an Interstate on-off ramp on MacDill Ave in about 3 years, at which time our two Buildings should fetch enough for us to retire, Happily-ever-after!

Stanley's Assignment History

Shape-Chievres 1970 1973
1969 1970
4th. Inf. Div, Pleiku
Unit: 4th Infantry Admin Co
1968 1969

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