Michael Butler (Civilian)

Gender: Male
Hometown: originally Georgetown Guyana, Maryland
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
Stopped racing bicycles and now coaching my twin girls soccer.

Working as a Project Manager at the Pentagon for a Contractor

Michael's Assignment History

Blaine AFS
Unit: Supply
1967 1970

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Michael Butler
Michael Butler said on 12/20/2008 at 01:32 pm
I remember Tony and his wife Reba, Sgt Burke ans Stevens were two other black Air Police. The guy I am thinking of was called Smitty. White guy, but I remember another guy when I think was from California and was TDY at Blaine. Smitty was a white guy who hung with the brothers and I remember once he saw me at the Panefield AFB chow Hall and approached me and asked if I like his Harry Belafonnte hair cut, needless to say he caused all the black GI's in line to look around. Do you remember Griff I'll see if I can find a photo and post it. Cheers! Mike B AKA Butch
Alfred Smith
Alfred Smith said on 12/19/2008 at 03:05 pm
I don't think it was me you were asking about. Not that I didn't have a crush on anything that wore a skirt at that particular time (19 years old). Do you remember who the 1st sergeant was? Also, Tony Newman was one of the very few black soldiers on that station at that time, and was the NCO in charge of the Air Police at Blaine AFS. I worked in the SAGE bldg and after a 6 month Top Secret Crypto Clearance, I operated the very sensitive equipment in a highly restricted area in the SAGE Bldg. I can't remember my bosses name, however I worked with a Man everyone called Murph, after "Murph the Surf". I am trying to scan my military picture to email you and if you have any pictures please do the same. Thanks Michael, Al Smith

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