Gary Gentilcore (Civilian)

Gender: Male
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
My wife Joan Rita McNamee Gentilcore just still are raising our two Children.
Lauren Michele Gentilcore, age fifteen years October 25, 1988
Colleen Theresa Gentilcore, age twelve years
September 2, 1991

My Professional after I left the United States Navy Has aforded me the oppurtunity to work with a retired Navy Dental Surgeon for 20 years and 6 Months.
this was not planned in the resume. I was supposed to move on to a career in the United States Marshall service, however my service record did not cut mustard at the time of my exit interview in the Comonwealth of Conn. or Rhode Island for that matter. So my ambitions were put on hold, while a learned many theories of communications with said Surgeon who was also taught from our United States Navy. So I would like to give this teacher credit for his teaching savie. This name is Retired Captain Peter Thomas Casslia, DMD

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