Lawrence Caruthers (Civilian)

Gender: Male
Hometown: I'd have to say St. Augustine., Florida
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
Where to start? Well, I was married for eleven years, and although they were eleven relatively pleasant years, (from what I remember of them at any rate,) the marriage was fairly doomed from the beginning. My ex is a wonderful lady, and my kids Ian (20) and Traci (18) couldn't possibly have a better mom. But we were just too different in too many ways, so we split the same year I got sober (I know, "H'mmmmmmmmm..." right?) Now I'm single, rather the hermit, and I live 'waaaay out in the sticks outside of Tallahassee with Kokomiranda and Mr.Doc, (my domestic cats,) Pandora the bobcat, and Marius, the Great Horned Owl. (the latter two came to me as results of the occasionally unkind tendencies of nature.)
I create walking staffs (a la Gandalf or.... Moses?) and the art that I do simply has to be the result of some of the behavioral traits I exhibited in my wilder days. It's decidedly other-worldly, but for some odd reason it sells.... sometimes. Save for a few improvements I'd like to see eventually, I'm fairly happy in my old age.

What can I say? I'm a "starving artist"/writer, who happens to be employed by the state. For those of you who actually remember me, you might recall my affinity for certain "recreational eccenticities" as it were. Well, I have been clean and sober for over seventeen years, but truly, all in all, I'm "still crazy after all these years".

Lawrence's Assignment History

Unit: ??
1970 1972

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