GI Search honors those who serve and served America as members of armed forces and the spouses and children who support them.

GI Search grew out of a personal desire to re-establish links that were broken by time and countless transfers. What HAD happened to our friends from Fort Leonard Wood? From the Berlin Brigade? From boot camp?

Founded at the end of 1999 - early 2000, GI Search has grown to become the America's most comprehensive military search. In 2008 the GI Search team completed a comprehensive revamp of the website and replaced the old, outdated functionality with a new and easy-to-use interface.

Help GI Search make history. We hope that in the years to come, service members will look back and be amazed that there was ever a time when they couldn't maintain relationships with friends around the world. We also suspect those same service members will look back and thank you for helping make the GIsearch mission a reality.

We want to hear from you. If you have any ideas or suggestions that could improve the GI Search web site, let us know.

Thanks for all the support,
The GI Search Team