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gwen plitouke
Posted by gwen plitouke on 04/20/2017 2:10pm
looking for old friends!
us navy 1979- 1983 us naval security station, washington, d.c. looking for bubbah, and michael miller, also patricia bierbaum from "A" school in orlando, fl in 1979...
daniel alonzo
Posted by daniel alonzo on 04/13/2017 5:07pm
looking for anyone who was in the 1/10fa germany79 to85
trying to find old friends
Mira Evren-Sorensen
Posted by Mira Evren-Sorensen on 03/26/2017 3:35pm
James Wayne Barnett
Hi everybody, I am looking for a good friend of ours, Ssgt James Wayne Barnett, who was stationed here in Mannheim, Germany up until 2012 or 2013. He...
Bob Shaw
Posted by Bob Shaw on 03/24/2017 7:35pm
VILSECK 1989Looking for Willie Williams
My uncle from germany wanns to connect with a gi He was befriended with when He served in vilseck/Bavaria. His Name is willie williams and He came from...
Anja Solbrig
Posted by Anja Solbrig on 03/22/2017 6:23am
Heirs wanted
I am the daughter of Lutz and Doris Solbrig in Germany. I am looking for Horst and Irmgard Solbrig. I think they are deceased. Their sons Dieter and...
Dieter Solbrig
Posted by Dieter Solbrig on 03/22/2017 6:15am
Erben gesucht
Ich suche nach den Erben von Horst Otto Solbrig, geb. 26.11.1924 in Berlin. Verheiratet mit Irmgard. Er hat zwei Söhne: Dieter und Peter Solbrig. Dieter und Peter Solbrig sind...
melissa prominta
Posted by melissa prominta on 12/10/2016 12:04am
looking for my father
im 43 years old my father is unknown all i have is a vision of him from a picture of my mom and him in 1972,1973 he...
Sanaschia Nilerkce
Posted by Sanaschia Nilerkce on 12/09/2016 8:06pm
Looking for the father of my boyfriend (Germany/Wiesbaden)
Hi there..., i have a boyfriend whos father is (or was?) a US Soldier stationed in Wiesbaden (Hessen) Germany. My boyfriend is currently not feeling well and would need...
Esther Veith
Posted by Esther Veith on 07/11/2016 3:33pm
looking for my father
About Me: Im Esther from Germany and 50 years old. I looking for my father. His Name ist Manuel Cordoves Vidal and he was stationed in Fulda or...
Gloria Battle
Posted by Gloria Battle on 06/30/2016 9:44pm
friend search
I am looking for my army friend Brenda Dawkins