Kenneth Beavers, Jr (Civilian)

Gender: Female
Hometown: Arkansas
Military Status: Veteran
About Me:
married with children

just kidding - but i am, son's 17, dau's 16 on the third of july (00) - wife is qc @ delta plastics

my hobbies are kinda other end of the scale from each other - chess, gymnastics (when I was younger), classical music (I got my basics on the saxaphone from the same guy that got clinton started a few years before he started me in - George Gray), martial arts, (pivoted on my left knee attempting a side kick, thinkin too much 'bout the target and not the execution of the move, anyway didn't slow me down - went on to pick up weapons and exposure to 3 other forms while I stationed in the ROK - the ole fuel pump can't keep up with the moves like I used to, but i'm starting to look at pa-qua - you know like the slo-mo forms you see old chinese doin in the educational channels, that's the one.

spent over half of my af career in combat communications and tactical air control squadrons
- the 728th TACS was in ft walton beach - the word riyad was classified from even mentioning the place - it was "elf 1" (before CNN broadcasted it along with other key components of our operations over there like a damn football game - DON'T let me go there - my blood pressure)
anyway the 728th flew 1 (note this), one trc-97 to the dominican uprising with no weapons, the night before the airborne troops were supposed to blanket the runway - they also got waxed to the last man first, in korea, and again in vietnam (the first shirt was on r&r in hong kong when that one went down) - damn fine unit, always has been, probably always will - the mission demands teamwork, and everybody knows, with all the busy hands about, there ain't no time for petty bickerin - just do the job (quickly, so we can go to the beer tent) - I loved them guys . . .

from satellite communications for last half of 20 yrs/usaf, culture-shocked in may 95, landed current job of (Sharp) copier technician, to be promoted (?) to inventory controller as soon as they decide to hire another tech, digital qualified, preferably @ Sharp tech training center in dallas - we already found one, but had to put him on hold till the hierarchy folds in and hires him - till then, I'm still on the streets from office to office - don't get me wrong, the variety is good, but you can't beat the heat in the winter and aircon in the summer
. . .

Kenneth's Assignment History

Tinker AFB
Unit: 34th CCS/CYNW - retired here
1994 1995
Altus AFB
Unit: 1993rd Comm Sq (?)
1993 1994
Andersen AFB
Unit: 4th CCS/633rd CCS
1990 1992
Clark AB
Unit: Det 3, 4th CMBTCS
1988 1990
Kwang-Ju AB
Unit: Det 4, 4th CMBTCS
1986 1988
Duke Field, Florida
Unit: 728th TCS
1984 1986
Osan Air Base
Unit: Det 1, 4th CMBTCS
1983 1984
Dyess AFB
Unit: Comm Squadron - BISS
1982 1983
Osan Air Base
Unit: OL-D/2146 Comm Sq
1980 1982
Bitburg AB
Unit: 2139 Comm Sq
1978 1980
Patrick AFB
Unit: 2nd Combat Comm Gp
1977 1978
Clark AB
Unit: 1961st Comm Sq
1976 1977
Keesler AFB
Unit: unk
1975 1976
Lackland AFB
Unit: 3404th BMTS
1975 1975

Kenneth's Salutes

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Tamie Towers
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