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Attorney researching incidence of Coccidioidomycosis (Valley fever) in military bases in remote areas of California.

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Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg Ca 1940 1954

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Tamie Towers
Tamie Towers said on 02/22/2012 at 06:02 pm
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Victor Gianunzio
Victor Gianunzio said on 11/17/2008 at 11:51 am
I am interested in information on the incidence of Coccidioidomycosis ( Valley Fever) in military and prisons and locations in remote areas of California. Because of the relocation of large concentrations of people from around the country to remote areas (Military Posts)where this disase is found, the disease, epidemiologically, is or can be endemically identified as the causal link , or the common factor , between the number of patients and the exposure to the disease. (Think Yellow fever or malaria, to the building of the Panama Canal). The First case of Valley fever recorded in the United States was recorded in the 18th century, 1n Port Costa, twenty miles west of Camp Stoneman, on the Sacramento River 20 miles west of Camp Stoneman. The records and published medical journals note that the only method of control over the spread of this disease effective during the war years is the control of dust. Controlling the dust containing the spores causing this disease , resulted in a substantial reduction in the number of soldiers who contracted the disease. There is no vaccine which can prevent this Illness. It is caused by a fungi or mold and while 60% of the people who contract Valley Fever recover, 40 % of those who are inflicted have a high morbidity factor ranging from Flue like symptoms to Coccial meningitis which is invaralbly fatal. VF is the most viral fungus to man and is rarely diagnosed by general practitioners because it mimices the Flu and most people recover from it and pass it off as a serious episode of the flu. Any information you have or can refer me to would be greatly appreciated , not only by a number of victims of this disesse in the immediate area of former Camp Stoneman today, but also of interest to the Contra County Healkth Department and, I believe for the records of the US Center for Disease control in Atlanta Georgia. This area todayis under heavy development . The Historical incidence of this disease would also be of interest to the East Bay Air Quality control Board. Any information you have, not only of the disese but of your experience is helpful This includes the climate, the wind, dust during construction of the Post, Rainfall, Heat, Medical facilities, Waste and dumps located in the area or Sick bay experience would provide the epidemiological basis for this study. Records, today do not have any information on Camp stonemanni in this regard. Most of the papers from the medical community in San Diego and UC Davis (the University of California) do not have this information beyond rference to the prevalence of the Disease and the reduction in cases where dust was curtailed. Thank You, Vic Gianunzio 510-465-5212

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