Lisa Sigler (Civilian)

Gender: Female
Marital Status: single
Birthday: 1969
Hometown: long beach, California
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
my name is Lisa and I have actually never been in any branch of the military but my uncle (Marion Thomas Green) was. He is currently missing and has been since before my birth and I have no idea if he is even still alive. I do know he was given a discharge but not sure what kind. I believe he was last stationed in Japan but where I do not know. I do know that he had a daughter with a japanese woman that they named Midori(green) was the first name and that I believe the mother and my uncle were married but when they got the papers in order to bring her to the states the woman didn't want to come as not to leave her family of orgin what became of the daughter or her mother I do not know. I am trying to find records of my uncle and or his daughter or her mother but have not a clue as to how to find any of them

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