Gary Hoerauf (Civilian)

Gender: Female
Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
Military Status: Active Duty
About Me:
I am married to a woman that should have left me long ago as my PTSD has made her life misserable for many years.Our adopted daughter is a 10 year search for a child. we tried everything but my wife could not have children. She is the light of our life and couldn't be loved more if she had been of our own genes.My hobbie are coca cola collecting and buying books and anything I can afford from W W 2. Mostly Marine air and ground battles. Been contacting old Marine survivors from the Pacific war and becoming their friend while they are sick and on deaths doorstep. I don't know them long and it hurts to see them go but it's an honor to share a piece of their life.
They were my heroes as I grew up and I tried to follow in their footsteps best I could. I spend 2 days a week at the Vets hospital, make youself feel good and show a veteran you appreciate his sacrifice. He'll feel good that his life meant something and you'll feel even better. They won't be around too much longer.

Nothing happy to talk about except the future.Diagnosed with PTSD 4 years ago I kept fighting it by denial. Finally with my life falling apart around me I had a melt down. [no one was physically hurt] I am a patient at Hines Veterans Hospital stabilized with meds untill hopefully, therapy will help me deal with the real world and put my other world behind me. Good news is my wife has stood by me with many reasons to leave. I have a 7 year adopted girl from the age of 3 days.She may be the only reason I'm here today.I work for myself,painter, and have returned
to work last week after 3 months.

Gary's Assignment History

Da Nang AB
Unit: 1st provincial rifle Company
1968 1969
Da Nang AB
Unit: 1st provincial rifle Company
1968 1969
MCB Camp Smedley D. Butler
Unit: Paint locker Camp Hauge
1967 1968
MCB Camp Pendleton
Unit: Shore Party
1966 1967

Gary's Salutes

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Tamie Towers
Tamie Towers said on 03/05/2012 at 05:55 am
I salute you with a song - A song written, and dedicated to you, our brave military - It is called - I'll Go (A Soldiers Oath) - by Kelly's Lot - Here's the link - You can copy & paste, or type the following link into your address bar: - (this is not a download, simply a link to a YouTube video) - Thank you for your service and sacrifice - I appreciate every day, what you do for us - Tamie Towers - Patriot - P.S. My dear friend Kelly Zirbes of Kelly's Lot wrote and performed this song and has given permission for the video to be shared and/or embedded anywhere.

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