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Van McCarty
Posted by Van McCarty on 05/21/2016 3:40am
Memorial Day Shout Out to Atlanta, GA
The Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association (AVVBA) is like no other in the United States. In 1987 the AVVBA adopted a specific goal “to bring recognition to those...
Joseph Misch
Posted by Joseph Misch on 05/17/2016 12:48pm
Looking for a Paul Brown
Was station at Fort Sill, OK, early 1980's, Home state California, trying to locate him. He moved from Lawton, OK. E-mail
Elmer Baysinger
Posted by Elmer Baysinger on 04/26/2016 9:12pm
Btry B 2d Bn 75th Arty NCO/Officer Search
Searching for 1'st Sgt. Soval. SFC Atkinsons, & Lt. Young. Spellings may be incorrect. Served Flegalhurst Caserne 1963-1965 If someone knows of them please contact me at
Michael Shipman
Posted by Michael Shipman on 04/25/2016 12:31am
Supply Sergeant Richard Barnes
Looking for Sergeant Richard Barnes, Station at Fort Hood and in Grafenwhor, GE work #(910)907-8488
Leroy Domke
Posted by Leroy Domke on 04/17/2016 11:36am
searching father... victor l williams
Hello, my name is Leroy and i looking for my Dad. He was based in Berlin- Wilmersdorf (Germany) in the Mc. Nair barracks till 1985. Only information i...
Robin Chambers
Posted by Robin Chambers on 04/11/2016 3:06am
556th MP Siegelsbach
Am looking for anyone stationed there, 1987-1988, who may have known my late husband, Bruce T. Chambers. I'm trying to appeal his VA claim for PTSD. ...
P. Kutsch
Posted by P. Kutsch on 04/08/2016 8:11pm
IN regard "to the forgotten one' insearch of Randy
@ Stanley Miller: I am not sure what his Last name Is. Once when I called her home and left my name and number Carolyn's Mother...
John High
Posted by John High on 04/04/2016 4:58pm
Looking for a Robinson family connection
I was born in Mannheim, Germany in early March 1947. I know that my biological father is a "Robinson", proven by DNA testing through Ancestry & Family...
Mark X
Posted by Mark X on 04/03/2016 7:14am
Rick D Cox - Gelnhausen 1983 Coleman Kasern
Hallo, my Name is Mark, i was born in Germany (Gelnhausen) in March 1984. My Dad - a US Army Soldier was positioned in Gelnhausen and went back to...
Andre Leamons
Posted by Andre Leamons on 04/01/2016 3:01pm
Year book for 19th Tass 1979-1981
I am trying to find a copy of our Bronco yearbook from 1979 thru 1981. If anyone has a copy of it or can scan a page...