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Vangie Molina
Posted by Vangie Molina on 05/10/2014 8:21am
The picture shown here is a military man with the last name of Jordan. His pictures was used and are still being use by scammers from Nigeria or probably by others too. I came across him thru Facebook that requested to be friends with me. In short I accepted his request not knowing that his picture was being used by the scammers from Nigeria. The only time I realize it was a scam was when he was asking for money so he could set up a communication so he could call me from Afghanistan. I blocked my e-mail address so that the person who I was communicating with would not get in touch with me any more. I know the person or military man whose picture is being used is not at fault but I was wandering if there is someone who can recognize him in this picture and if possible if I could get in touch with him and tell him that up to now they are still using his pictures in other dating sites. I tried the other dating sites and found his picture so I informed the moderator of the said site and they removed it. I have no intention of stalking him or any thing like that. I just wanted to talk to real person in case he doesn't know it. He has pictures with his children that are being used too. I think it is also fair that he finds this out and if he could do something about it. Here's hoping that someone out there can help me regarding this request.
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