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Monica Hughes
Posted by Monica Hughes on 02/05/2014 8:10pm
My father, Eugene Rainwater, was in the marines stationed in Yuma, Az in 1969. I was born in January of that year. My mother, Nancy Rainwater (Moore), died there from a gunshot in February 1969. I am looking to connect with anyone who may have known them during that time.
Stanley Miller
Posted by Stanley Miller on 02/15/2014 3:18am
Hello, Have you checked Check the 71 and 72 y/o men. Tell me what you you think. I have access to a different database and I can ask if they were in the military, then go from there. ** Approximate age of your father would be 66 y/o. **2014 – 1969 = 45 years ago **Average age of soldier = 21 **45 + 21 = 66 approximate age **2014 – 66 = 1948 approximate birth year *** Do you have the middle inital of your father, possibly birthdate? This would be on your birth certificate.
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