Judit Selbach (Civilian)

Gender: Female
Marital Status: in relationship
Birthday: October 30, 1971
Hometown: Maastricht
Military Status: Civilian
About Me:
I'm 37 years old, living in Maastricht, the Netherlands. 2 years ago I found my biological mother, Truus Baltissen. She told me that my father was an US soldier (afro-american) who was stationed in Germany. I would like to find him, but I have no name or idea where he is living at the moment.

They met (through a mutual friend/boyfriend from Truus), named Jos Fermont (than 25 years old) at a carnaval in Maasbracht or Roermond (Netherlands) and they went to a hotel on the marketplace in Roermond for a one night stand.

all this took place in february/march 1971. Truus was at that time 15 tyears old and she is a cocasion.

they never saw eacht other again after this day.

My biological mother, Truus Baltissen, doesn't remember his name, but she only remembers him wearing a dark military uniform.

If someone who reads this has any idea who I'm looking for, please react and all information will be handeled with the utmost care!

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