Hubert Shumaker (Air Force)

Gender: Male
Marital Status: married
Birthday: May 21, 1929
Hometown: Jefferson, Pennsylvania
Military Status: Veteran
Military Branch: Air Force
Military Rank: E-9
About Me:
I entered the USAF on Feb 18, 1948 and retired January 1, 1977. I took my Basic Training at Lackland, Flight 2497, Squadron BN-11. From there, I went to Griffiss AFB, Rome NY where I worked as an Air Freight Tech until they needed someone with typing abilities. Little did I know what a Teletype Machine was until I had to type on one. From there, I was assigned to the 1725th Teletype Squadron, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX. I was at Kelly approx 2 years and was assigned to the same unit at Andrews AFB, MD. Our headquarters was at KAFB with Capt Paul Pelak as our commander. Since I was from a small town in southwestern PA, Jefferson, I married my church sweetheart, Vi Walters on Nov 30, 1950. On Dec 15, 1951, our first beautiful daughter Monica was born at Bolling AFB, Washington, DC. In June 1952, I was assigned to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, where I worked in the AACS Communications Center. I spent one year in Saudi and then was reassigned to the 2049th Comm Center (JWP/JWZ) McClellan AFB, Sacramento, CA. I was at McClellan until 1955. On April 4, 1954, our son Gary was born. During the spring of 1955, we were transferred to the Pentagon, where I worked for a Major John Will Fink. My stay at the Pentagon was short because a couple months later, we received orders transferring me to the 317th Communications Squadron, Neubiberg, Germany. I worked in Wing Communications along with a TSGT Jack Hanberry. We worked for our commander, Major Decker. While at Neuby, I received my Amateur Radio License, DL4OF as well as my MARS license. I also had my stateside license W3IUV.

Upon the closure of Neubiberg or turning it over to the GAF, I was reassigned to the 7100 Support Wing, Wiesbaden AB, Germany where I worked in Wing Communications. At Wiesbaden, I was also the Inspector for all of our units in Germany/France. I worked with Major Harry J. McDonald and TSgt Boyko as well an Airman Casey.

In 1959, we returned to Suffolk County AFB, LI, NY where I worked with a Captain Cross. I was responsible for the Communications Center as well as the MARS Station. Hqs ADC in Colorado Springs contacted my counterpart in NYADS asking for some one to be reassigned to Hqs ADC. NYADS asked me if I would like to go to the Hqs, and so I volunteered. We were transferred to Hqs ADC in 1960, where I worked with a Major Glen Turner, Captain Backus and several other Captains as well as MSGT Smith and a TSGT Page. My responsibility was to have communications installed throughout the Air Defense Command.

In 1963, I was transferred to Diyarbakir AB, Turkey. This was a one year assignment. I was responsible for the Communications between Diyarbakir and Ent AFB. as well as the Senior NCO on site, thus I wore 2 hats, working for a Lt. Col Skoglund, the Base Commander. My immediate commander was a Lt. Col Hosford, who was also from Ent and returned to Hqs ADC. I returned to the 47th Communications Sq and was responsible for getting the communications into NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex (NCMC). In 1968, I was reassigned to TUSLOG Det 11, Cigli AB, Turkey, until 1970 the Base was turned over to the TAF. at which time I was reassigned to TUSLOG Det 119, Adana, Turkey. At TUSLOG Det 11, I was responsible for all the Base Communications. At Adana, I was responsible for the operations of the Communications Center. I worked with a Captain Steve Hindman. From Adana, I was transferred to Zaragoza AB, Spain. There I worked with a Capt Dodds. Our Squadron Commander was a Captain Carzoli. He needed a First Sergeant and asked me if I would accept that position, which I did.

In 1972, I was transferred to the 91st Security Group as the Group Sergeant Major. I signed in on Dec 10th and signed out on May 30th, 1973, at which time I was reassigned to the 301st Supply Squadron, as their First Sergeant. I remained at Rickenbacker AFB, Columbus, OH until I retired on January 1st, 1977. I had a great career and worked with some very wonderful people.

Hubert's Assignment History

Rickenbacker AFB, Columbus, OH
Unit: 301st Supply Squadron
1974 1977
Minot AFB, North Dakota
Unit: 91st Security Police Group
1973 1974
Incirlik AB, Turkey
Unit: TUSLOG Det 16
1971 1973
Cigli AB, Izmir Turkey
Unit: TUSLOG Det 11
1968 1970
Unit: 47TH Comm Sq (Cheyenne Mountain)
1964 1968
Diyarbakir AFS, Turkey
Unit: AFCS
1963 1964
Unit: Hqs ADC
1961 1963
Suffolk County AFB, LI, NY
Unit: 52d Support Squadron
1959 1961
wiesbaden air base, germany
Unit: 7101st Support Wing
1957 1959
Neubiberg AFB, Germany
Unit: 317th Comm Squadron
1955 1957
McClellan AFB, Ca
Unit: 2049th Comm Sq (AACS)
1953 1955
The Pentagon, Washington, DC
1955 1955
Dhahran AFB, Saudi Arabia
Unit: AACS Squadron
1952 1953
Andrews AFB
Unit: 1725-1 Teletype Squadron
1950 1952
Kelly AFB
Unit: 1725th Teletype Squadron
1948 1950
Lackland AFB
Unit: Flt 2797, Sq BN-11
1948 1948
Griffiss AFB, NY 1948 1948

Hubert's Salutes

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jacques hahn
jacques hahn said on 02/12/2012 at 04:40 am
iworked with you at Neubiberg in 1955-58,down in aircraft maint. great base ,lots of fun best tour in the entire career,used to go up to the MARS station and work the world with that BC-610 fired up.
Frank Oliver
Frank Oliver said on 02/14/2010 at 03:41 pm
My hat is off to you for your life in the military. You preceeded me and obviously was an icon for many who raised their hand and took the oath to "Protect and Defend." Regardless of which uniform you wore.....we all committed ourselves to one Ole Glory...she still waves today. As a poor kid from Richmond, Va. I was fotunate to straggle into the Air Force recruiters office a few days after Thanskgiving day 1963. Listened to the pitch and saw a dream of a future, income, college education, travel and, I could go on and know the rest. Forty six years later, I am receiving a monthly reward, for serving, which is greater than the average annual salary for most (in my neighborhood) back in 1963. Also, like you, I met and remember so many names of those who served during my times and that is priceless. Shu, God Bless you and yours and remember, Our time in the military has made a difference. Frank O.
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw said on 01/01/2010 at 03:29 am
Quite a life. Thanks for your service.
Tina Cook
Tina Cook said on 05/01/2009 at 05:48 pm
Wow, You sure can write!! I enjoy having you as my Buddy.

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