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Bernard Brown
Posted by Bernard Brown on 10/14/2013 5:02pm
Wiiliam Williams: MP 1st Armored ww2
In search of a family friend who was posted to Castlewellan, Northern Ireland in WW2. No help in NARA, as the 1970's fire was an issue for...
mark anthony dominguez
Posted by mark anthony dominguez on 10/11/2013 6:09am
I know Now what happend! So JAMes thomas watkins! talk to me
Im looking for my father James Thomas Watkins 47 yrs.old at 25888 chula vista, Redlands cali, My name is Mark Anthony Dominguez 25 yrs.old supposed to be "...
Michelle Littleproud
Posted by Michelle Littleproud on 10/11/2013 5:35am
401st glider regiment at Brock Barracks, Reading UK
I am seeking any information on any officer in 401st glider regiment based in Brock Barracks, Reading, England. Many thanks...
Michelle Littleproud
Posted by Michelle Littleproud on 10/11/2013 5:32am
327th glider regiment Camp Ranikhet near Reading UK
Seeking any info on anyone who was in the 327th glider regiment in camp raniket near Reading UK
Michelle Littleproud
Posted by Michelle Littleproud on 10/11/2013 5:26am
Searching for 'Pat' married an american g.i
Long shot I know! Seeking a friend of my biological grandmother, Joan Tutton. Her name was Pat and she married an American officer and moved to the states....
Michelle Littleproud
Posted by Michelle Littleproud on 10/11/2013 5:24am
Reading Barracks UK 1945
I would appreciate contact from anyone who knows any american officers located in Reading in the UK in 1945? Many thanks
John Meskanick
Posted by John Meskanick on 10/03/2013 11:19pm
Constabulary Units - Germany
Looking for anyone that can tell me what U.S. Army units were operating in and around Warendorf, Germany in 1947-1948. Warendorf is near Meuster and Hamm, Germany.
Melvin Williams Cluin
Posted by Melvin Williams Cluin on 09/30/2013 6:51am
Searching Walter William Bailey
Hello, I am looking for my father, Walter William Bailey who was stationed in Germany, Mannheim Käfertal in the 60's. He went back to Oklahoma when I was a...
Sylke Schofer
Posted by Sylke Schofer on 09/29/2013 7:09am
Aaron M. Gorham
Hello, I searching for an old Friend. I have only any facts. His name is: Aaron M. Gorham 240-19-5357 HHD 2/5 SFGA Fort Braag, N.C. 28307 He has...
Posted by on 09/28/2013 1:05pm
388th Transportation Company
Looking for anyone who served with the 388th Trans. Co, Vung Tau, Vietnam from May 1967 until May 1968. I as with the Supply Platoon as the Company...