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Sylke Schofer
Posted by Sylke Schofer on 09/29/2013 7:09am
Aaron M. Gorham
Hello, I searching for an old Friend. I have only any facts. His name is: Aaron M. Gorham 240-19-5357 HHD 2/5 SFGA Fort Braag, N.C. 28307 He has...
Posted by on 09/28/2013 1:05pm
388th Transportation Company
Looking for anyone who served with the 388th Trans. Co, Vung Tau, Vietnam from May 1967 until May 1968. I as with the Supply Platoon as the Company...
Danny Steinbeck
Posted by Danny Steinbeck on 09/27/2013 1:35pm
NKP Thailand
Looking for all guys in the security police 1972-1973 at NKP Thailand. please contact me at
Edward Harpel
Posted by Edward Harpel on 09/22/2013 9:36am
launch and recovery
Looking for anyone who was stationed at Kaneohe Bay Hawaii from 1970-1972 or Bogue Field NC from 1972-1973
Katharina Reimann
Posted by Katharina Reimann on 09/18/2013 7:32am
Hello, i need help please. I am trying to find my grandfather, an US Soldier. He was based in Warendorf ( Germany) 1948. His son (my dad) was...
Megan Murillo
Posted by Megan Murillo on 08/31/2013 12:33am
looking for john d. chavez
Im looking for my father john david chavez. He was stationed at ft. Carson colorado around 1974- 1977. Dated a woman in the messhall wendy maureen dyke....
Viola Weber-Schroeder
Posted by Viola Weber-Schroeder on 08/30/2013 7:45pm
Looking for friends!
USAF 1962-1964 from the Koeterberg Germany Larry Fowler,Bill Fauser he married Renate.And Bob Allen,Ralf St Clair,Bill don't remember his last name.From Rothwesten USAf just looking to reconnect...
Gene  Gueniot
Posted by Gene Gueniot on 08/25/2013 10:04pm
405th OMS Phillippine Islands, Viet Nam
Anyone there in 1961 thru 1965?
Heike Nelson
Posted by Heike Nelson on 08/25/2013 8:23pm
old military books
My husbands grandpa died last month and left my family with his old military books. He was one of the last survivor of pearl harbor. Of course these...
Rosi Klein
Posted by Rosi Klein on 08/25/2013 8:01am
Spangdahlem Airbase 60er-Jim(Jimmy) and a Frank Sutton
Please, is there someone here who knows the two Buddies on the right side in the back of my photo? One of it is called Jimmy, stationed in...