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Dawn Foster
Posted by Dawn Foster on 08/22/2014 4:26am
looking for person from Coarsegold, CA who joined the army
Looking for a man named Jeff who used to live in Coarsegold, California, a very small town off road 416 off hwy 41. I spent one summer with...
ada johns
Posted by ada johns on 08/20/2014 5:30am
pentagon 1979-1982
see what happen to co workers
Ruben Cortez
Posted by Ruben Cortez on 08/18/2014 6:27pm
Looking for Mike McAffee
We were station at AMID NAS JAX 1974-1978... Mike is working on his boots on the photo...
Calvin Bridges
Posted by Calvin Bridges on 08/14/2014 1:59am
Contact Failure,
I'm posting this for my Old Friend, 'Jose'...
Silvia Tuhli
Posted by Silvia Tuhli on 08/08/2014 6:49am
Looking for my father gi stationed in München 1964-1965
I was Born in München Sept 1965 my birthmother was German. After my Adoption papers my Bio father was a lutenent in the USA army stationed in München...
Bob Lancaster
Posted by Bob Lancaster on 08/06/2014 12:52am
ft leavenwort ks 1971
looking for vets who were at this station 1971
Ruben Cortez
Posted by Ruben Cortez on 07/30/2014 4:31pm
Looking for Stephen Willis
We were Station at AMID NAS JAX 1974-1978... We call him Willie... He was from AL.
Ruben Cortez
Posted by Ruben Cortez on 07/30/2014 4:27pm
Looking for Pat Cashin
Pat went into the Air Force and I went Navy... We lived in Arlington Texas and both attended Lamar High School... 1974
Sindy Gotreaux
Posted by Sindy Gotreaux on 07/29/2014 1:37am
Bio Father
Im looking for my father whom ive never met before. I would love to find him. I need help. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
Cathie Anderson
Posted by Cathie Anderson on 07/24/2014 2:40pm
searching for someone who was pen pals with a elementary sch
Hi I am trying to help a friend who is searching for a former pen pak she had when in elementary school this was back in the 80's...