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Gregory Hain-Saunders
Posted by Gregory Hain-Saunders on 08/02/2015 1:17pm
Phelps or Felts
Served on USS Pelias while stationed in Fremantle, Western Australia during World War 2. Any information please contact me.
Gregory Hain-Saunders
Posted by Gregory Hain-Saunders on 08/02/2015 12:49pm
Seeking John or Thomas Phelps, USS Pelias
Seeking contact with Phelps (John or Thomas) who served aboard the USS Pelias operating out of Fremantle, Western Australia during WW2. If not unavailable contact with family is appreciated.
Gregory Hain-Saunders
Posted by Gregory Hain-Saunders on 08/02/2015 12:45pm
looking for Art Phelps
I an trying to locate Art Phelps who served on USS Pelias in 1941-1942. Last known location believed to be Twin Falls, Idaho in 1996.
Anthony david Franz
Posted by Anthony david Franz on 07/16/2015 8:39pm
Looking for my father
About Me: Im Anthony from Germany and 23 years old. I looking for my father. His Name ist David Cannabal and he was stationed in Fulda-Germany 1990-1991. my Last Point...
Carleita Patterson
Posted by Carleita Patterson on 07/12/2015 1:40am
Seeking Willie R. Williams
I'm desperately seeking this gentleman. He is from SC, currently in the US Navy and stationed in Dubai.
lucy lopez
Posted by lucy lopez on 07/08/2015 4:10pm
looking for a richard tutsock
Iam looking for rick tutsock was stationed in Hawaii in 1980 information on him is very inportant need to know is he still kicking??? ...
karen hurd
Posted by karen hurd on 07/04/2015 7:31pm
My name is Karen Hurd. I joined an online dating site called I received a mess from a very nice looking man who's profile was very nice....
Tina Cook
Posted by Tina Cook on 07/01/2015 3:43pm
Veterans looking for Buddy's
Please join our facebook group if you are a veteran looking for your Buddy.
Darnelle  Hashimoto
Posted by Darnelle Hashimoto on 06/18/2015 9:29am
Tracking active military
can anyone tell me how to track down someone that's in The military? I'm looking for someone
Bianca Zander
Posted by Bianca Zander on 05/26/2015 11:05am
i need to find this person
Seeking this Person in the Picture. Who knows him or knows where he is, please give me a message, thank you